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Bottom Cleaning

Our signature service covers the entire bottom from the waterline down to the keel. This includes all running gear and thru-hulls as well. Anodes/zincs are changed as needed at the standard rate. An underwater inspection is also included with a bottom cleaning. We highly encourage customers to take advantage of a quarterly maintenance schedule. Visit our FAQ page for more information.


Bottom Cleaning rates


  • $3.00/ft. - Quarterly maintenance schedule
  • $4.00/ft. - No maintenance schedule

Powerboats / Multi-hulls

  • $4.00/ft. - Quarterly maintenance schedule
  • $5.00/ft. - No maintenance schedule



Running Gear Cleaning

We offer flexibility for customers who do not require an entire bottom cleaning. Any propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs, thrusters, and thru-hulls will be cleaned. Includes an underwater inspection.


Running Gear Cleaning Rates

  • Sailboats - $1.75/ft.
  • Powerboats/Muli-hull - $2.50/ft.

Anode/Zinc Replacement

It's absolutely critical that sacrificial anodes are replaced in order to protect your beautiful yacht from galvanic corrosion. We use the finest anodes made of zinc alloy. Includes an underwater inspection.


Anode/Zinc Replacement Rates

  • $12 per anode + cost of anodes.

*$80 minimum if no other services are scheduled.



Underwater Inspection

A regular inspection helps ensure your investment is protected. We'll conduct a thorough inspection of the bottom, looking for damage or blisters, and report the bottom paint condition and anode/zinc conditions. A bottom cleaning, running gear cleaning, or anode/zinc replacement service includes a courtesy inspection.


Inspection Rate

  • $80 - Sailboats & Powerboats



Lost Item Recovery

If you dropped something overboard, then we can find it! Please do not attempt to retrieve the item yourself. An experienced diver is needed to find items in dark water.


Recovery Rate

  • $100/hour (1 hour minimum)



Debris Removal

We can safely remove any dock line, fishing line, or crab trap that has wrapped around your propeller. We can also remove debris from the bottom of your boat slip or other areas you wish to clear.


Debris Removal Rate

  • $100/hour (1 hour minimum)