Why are zincs so important?

The integrity of the metal on the bottom of your yacht is under constant attack and extremely vulnerable to galvanic corrosion. Electrolysis is a dynamic problem in our highly populated marinas and varies from one location to the next. The only way to protect your investment is through the use of sacrificial anodes, commonly called zincs. Anodes are available in a variety of metals, but zinc alloy is the preferred choice for our area. When properly maintained, the zincs will sacrifice themselves, preventing damage to your expensive propellers, shafts, and other metals.

Why do I need to clean the bottom?

Without cleaning the bottom of your yacht, algae and barnacles will grow unabated causing a significant decrease in performance and fuel efficiency. This growth will also accumulate in thru-hulls causing stress on integral components, eventually leading to a complete blockage. The brackish water environment in Clear Lake equally promotes the growth of algae, barnacles, and oysters. Furthermore, the rapid expansion of the greater Houston area has led to increased levels of fertilizer runoff. This nutrient rich runoff causes seasonal algae blooms that create a mess on the bottom of your yacht. Other factors may also impact the amount of growth, such as location and paint condition.

How does a maintenance schedule work?

In order to keep the growth in check and extend the life of your bottom paint, we strongly suggest having your bottom cleaned every quarter. Bottom cleanings are scheduled automatically, so you don't have to worry about anything. When possible, we will schedule multiple jobs in one marina to improve workflow and efficiency, but we always work hard to ensure each job is completed in a timely manner. Our divers will check and replace your zincs when necessary, and you will receive a detailed dive report with your invoice every quarter.

*You must contact us to cancel a maintenance schedule if your boat has been sold. Please also contact us if you haul out for new bottom paint so we can adjust your schedule. You may terminate a maintenance schedule at any time with no penalty, but any unpaid balance must be paid in full.

Can I choose a different maintenance schedule?

While a quarterly schedule is the best solution in most cases, we understand some customers require a more specific schedule. Schedules for our racing customers include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Please contact us to inquire about a custom schedule.

Do I have to meet you at the scheduled appointment time?

Although you're asked to choose an appointment time when scheduling for services online, your presence is not required for us to complete the job. The appointment scheduling service Acuity handles everything automatically, so you can simply choose any available time. If you would like to meet us during the appointment, please include a note in the special instructions box when submitting your appointment.

What do you suggest for new bottom paint?

The most important thing we recommend is using a quality contractor. There are many choices when it comes to hiring someone to paint the bottom of your yacht, but there are few who share our focus on quality. Poor workmanship will decrease the life of your bottom paint. In some cases, we've come out for the first cleaning six months after the bottom was painted only to find paint was already wearing off around the waterline. A quality contractor knows to focus on areas of high wear. It's also crucial the surface is prepped properly before new paint is applied. Cutting corners on any of these areas will result in hauling out for new bottom paint more frequently. A good contractor will also use quality anti-fouling paint like Interlux Ultra or Pettit Trinidad Pro. These offer superior performance when it comes to slowing down the growth of algae and barnacles.

Do you offer prop pulling or repair services?

Repair services are handled on a case by case basis due to their unique nature. Prop pulling services are provided by a trusted contractor who is both equipped for and specializes in the art of removing and installing propellers underwater. Contact us to inquire about any of these services.